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Your HCP Convergence Point Playbook

Better Access Increasingly Hard-to-Access Professionals

Physicians and allied healthcare professionals are critical to pharma and healthcare marketers. Directly proportional to their importance is the ever-increasing difficulty in gaining and sustaining access: “No-See” HCPs turn away more and more pharma sales reps, and information overload makes non-personal promotional efforts through traditional digital marketing tactics challenging.

Today’s HCPs require a full spectrum, fully-personalized media approach to engage them with the right message, at the right time, on the right device.  At CPM, we’ve crafted a unique 6-step activation playbook to reach, engage, and activate HCPs where, when and how it matters most:

HCP Playbook

The bedrock of this approach is twofold – understanding HCPs’ media habits, as shown below, along with the primary concerns, drivers, and behaviors which define their clinical area.

HCP online engagement

In practice, this playbook leverages a multitude of tactics – let’s review three of them.

  • Leverage multichannel touchpoints

Structuring campaigns in three phases, awareness > engagement & intent > action, highlights the value of each channel for reaching and engaging HCPs strategically, based on brand need, and where they are in the treatment journey:

HCP Touchpoints

Offline tactics also matter. As part of bolstering the reputation of a regional hospital in the New York tri-state area, leveraging geo-targeted radio, print and television ads translated directly to increased website engagement. To be more precise, a +24% increase in page views and +40% increase in time on site when compared to prior monthly averages.


  • Segment at scale

Behind each channel, applying ICD-10 codes, list matching, and first-party behavioral data enable segmentation to happen at scale. Having retargeting methods set prior to launch allows ads to be customized at the individual level from the onset. On the road to the all-critical point of care, all touchpoints respond directly to the individual user’s need or query and, if done well, predict their behaviors for optimal engagement.

  • Electrify the point of care

Be present where the big decisions are made! EMR platforms reach physicians in the real-time context of actual patient consultations that spawn treatment decisions and can generate double, even triple digit lift. If the treatment is already in market, going after known prescribers and creating ‘look-alike’ audiences from their key characteristics will expand your pool and, ultimately, conversion rate.

 Driving Rx Lift

The CPM activation playbook scored important results for two recent clients. In a national cardiovascular disease education and branding campaign, we achieved a + 330% lift in conversions among our target list HCPs compared to those not exposed to campaign. For another client, our continuous learning led to messaging optimizations which drove Rx efficiencies by every measure: + 138% increase in monthly average new prescriptions (despite a 35% decrease in net media spend) and a decrease in average monthly cost per new description of 73%.

Are you getting the results you need to succeed? Let’s discuss your current planning, and discover ways we can boost your metrics.

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