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The Secret Sauce of a Successful Launch: How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

From audience research to ­­vendor selection, planning a campaign that hits the ground running can feel like a thousand-piece puzzle – an intimidating mess of details. Fortunately, with a clear framework and focused media partner, “boiling the ocean” can be done both nimbly and effectively. In fact, it hinges on just two essential factors – integrated onboarding and aligning on KPIs from the onset.

Let’s dive in.

1. Onboarding: gain full understanding of brand strategy, target audience, creative assets, and existing media plan

At CPM, we love pre-launch planning as it enables our Subject Matter Experts the opportunity to add real value to the launch team. From Programmatic to Creative, Search to Social, we take a systematic approach to aligning the inherent benefits these channels offer with the launch needs of the product marketing team. This delineation and channel specificity not only speeds up launch, but ensures success from the ground-up as potential roadblocks are dealt with head on. Take, for instance the two critical channels of Search and Social, each with their distinct benefits and challenges.

With Search Engine Marketing, the right keywords, terms and phrases are the linchpin that connect your professional and patient/consumers audiences to your promotional messages and branded/unbranded content. Yet finding these keywords is typically less than obvious – what may seem like a relevant search term to you may not be how your audience thinks. Our SEM Manager, for instance, meaningfully fulfills a user’s query and campaign objectives by selecting keywords based on a range of factors from evaluating the campaign’s site architecture to considering both the clinical terminology employed by your targeted HCPs as well as the layperson terminology employed by your average patient, consumer or caregiver. Just because a keyword, phrase or term is available doesn’t mean it’s most effective for your audience and campaign.

Advertising on Social Media works much differently. Here one can reach an audience based on a range of factors, including behavioral, demographic and/or interest-based data. As dynamic as this trifecta may be, highly-relevant keywords are often unavailable and can’t be bought regardless of your budget. Bringing your Social Expert into the planning process at the ground-level ensures alternative targeting is top of mind and never a last-minute afterthought. (Think Custom and Lookalike Audiences).

In short, involving your media team at the earliest pre-launch planning stage ensures channel integration and a smoother launch.

2. KPI framework alignment: map placements and assets back to high-priority landing pages and digital assets

Don’t settle for a media partner who promises results in digital media jargon. Sure, low CPCs and high CTRs matter, but how do they tie back to your goals? From accelerating clinical trial recruitment to lifting HCP prescribing behavior, at CPM we ensure our KPI framework meaningfully supports and is in-tune with campaign goals. These goals, in turn, translate to high-priority landing pages and other key digital assets to guarantee omnichannel harmony. Just like onboarding should happen as a team, so should identifying and implementing your KPI framework.

From here, the ‘next steps’ are really just the nuts and bolts of thoughtful campaign stewardship – tagging assets and pages to enable retargeting, asset trafficking and testing with vendors and, post-launch, enacting ongoing and active, ongoing, never-ending optimizations.

Is your media partner also a true strategic partner? Are they actively optimizing and honoring your brand’s investment?

Given the time and expense required to bring a drug to market and its limited exclusive lifespan, every moment counts. Here’s how to make the most of your launch by building pre-launch pharma audiences.

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