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The Missing LinkedIn

Don’t forget to add this burgeoning platform into your media mix

In the last few years, social has earned its place as a key channel for pharma marketers. LinkedIn, despite its place as a pivotal platform for key decision makers and health care providers, is often still missing from the social equation. Far from intimidating or complicated, advertising on LinkedIn is a straightforward, easy to use platform offering rich targeting opportunities. Here’s why pharma marketers shouldn’t forget about LinkedIn, and how to get the most from it…

Ad Formats Designed for Your Objectives

LinkedIn provides three ad formats:

  • Text Ads: Drives traffic to a specific url with brief headline and text
  • Sponsored Content: promotes your content with targeted native advertising
  • Sponsored InMail: delivers personalized ads to the LinkedIn inbox

Text Ads are optimal for displaying a brief message with up to 100 copy and creative variations, making it the optimal choice to effectively test which messaging most resonates with your audience.

Sponsored Content can promote existing LinkedIn page posts to a targeted audience or provide new content in the News Feed, driving both web traffic and brand awareness.

Lastly, Sponsored InMail is ideal to reach key decision makers on an individual level by delivering personalized messages to a member’s inbox only when they are active on LinkedIn.

Regardless which ad format (or combination) you use, always ensure your content is fully compliant. Any mention of a drug name, for example, requires fair balance. Since most of these formats have stringent space limitations, campaigns that make no claims about indication or efficacy are preferred. These can include information about support programs, disease education, and other strategic approaches for marketing conditioning your audience without direct reference to your treatment.

Comprehensive Targeting and Retargeting

Across all ad formats, LinkedIn offers specialized targeting from job titles and seniority to company name and industry.

LinkedIn Targeting

Campaigns can be served globally or geo-targeted to a specific city, region or country. Leveraging Audience Expansion ensures your ad(s) are also shown to members with similar characteristics to your target group, scaling campaign reach and further driving performance.

Similar to Facebook Pixel, Installing an Insight Tag to your website opens the door for retargeting and also collects additional demographic information about your audience.

Accessible Pricing

LinkedIn provides total control of investment by providing the option to set a daily budget, total budget, and maximum bids. Bidding is based on your audience criteria and what other advertisers are bidding for a similar audience. As ads are served, you can optimize efficiencies by adjusting your bid.

Across all ad formats, you choose the type of activity to pay for:

  • Cost-per-click (CPC): Pay when target clicks on your ad
  • Cost-per-1,000 impressions (CPM): Pay when target sees your ad
  • Cost-per-send (CPS): Pay when Sponsored InMail messages are successfully delivered

LinkedIn Pricing

Results are populated in real-time in Campaign Manager along with average cost for ad activity, and other key metrics.

Bigger isn’t always better, but LinkedIn’s growing member base (562 million+ users) coupled with its transparency and control makes advertising here a dynamic choice for media plans.

Have you advertised on LinkedIn? What was your experience?


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