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Ignite Instagram Engagement with these 12 Proven Tactics


A series of tried and tested advice to drive paid and organic engagement

Second in a series on tips for pharma paid and organic campaigns to help you not only avoid problems, but get the most out of social media for your brands. This post focuses on Facebook’s companion, Instagram…

Instagram iconPart 2: 12 Terrific Ideas for Instagram

1. Capitalize on visitors who actively search for your Instagram profile via the search section – be sure it tells your story and includes the most relevant outbound link.

2. To kickstart a follower base, it’s essential to post daily. But quality matters! Images should be visually stunning and strategically worthwhile to your community.

3. Instagram makes it easy to switch between multiple accounts – a lifesaver for client work. Simply:

• From your profile, tap the gear icon (or the three dots on an Android device) and select “Options.”
• Scroll to the very bottom and tap “Add Account.”
• Add your other account by username and password, and you’re set!

4. Promoting a big event or new initiative? Drum up attention and provide your followers more information by temporarily changing your profile link and mentioning the update in a post. Update the link often to highlight new initiatives or return to your evergreen original link.


5. If not already, switch your Instagram account to a business profile to see post engagement, converting hashtags, and more. Accounts larger than 100 followers will also provide insights into their followers – top locations, breakdown of men and women, and age groups.


6. Want to better understand which content resonates with your audience? SocialDrift is an affordable tool that provides suggestions to best optimize content among your audience. The more you use it, the more tailored recommendations become.

7. As of March 2018, Instagram (at last!) updated their API to allow single-image posts to be scheduled in advance. My favorite scheduling tool is Later and their free plan allows up to 30 posts per month for one account. Timing is essential for social posts; most people check their feeds from 11am to 1pm each weekday, depending on your audience.

8. Similar to a pinned Tweet, Instagram Story Highlights allows you to save and categorize stories on your Profile. Try highlighting trending blog posts, patient stories, or an event or new initiative unique to your brand or organization.

9. Don’t forget to add a location to your Instagram post. It’s an easy way to reach a broader audience and have your message connected to a particular region or city.

10. Instagram Stories are ideal for experimentation as they are quick to play and disappear, so try something new to drive disease or product awareness. With Stories, nothing has to be finite so test the limits and see what sticks among your patient community. A successful tactic could well inform your next big campaign.

11. Create a go-to list of hashtags to represent your brand, compiled of custom and popular hashtags, so that when you go to post, it’s one less thing to do. Remember that Instagram posts are public, so ensuring compliance is always vitally important. Disease education, patient profiles, and other content not demanding fair balance are the way to go within Instagram.

12. Even if your brand doesn’t have an Instagram account, reach your target audience there through Facebook Business Manager. Simply select Instagram as part of your ad placement. Note: you must still have a Facebook business page.

Looking for more of my top social media tips? Check out part one of Social Media Tips for Pharma and Healthcare Marketers and  4 Key Advantages of Instagram Stories for Pharma Marketers.

What advice or pointers would you add to this list? I’d love to hear what I’ve missed!

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