The Power of Social Media

Social Media, when leveraged successfully, engages the target audience by serving them the right message at the right time on the right channel. There are both paid and earned (organic) social media opportunities to activate patient and caregiver audiences to speak with prescribers, improve adherence, and prompt enrollment in brand programs. Our agency brings innovative and regulatory-friendly strategies to social media on behalf of modern healthcare brands.

A Social Platform for Every Audience

The most effective social pages are about people, as opposed to treatments, and they educate and empathize with the patient experience. Even the most niche audiences can be segmented and reached using Facebook’s 10,000 data points, which benefit from an unprecedented world of platform insights and targeting capabilities.  The environments of Twitter and Instagram offer further rich opportunities for healthcare marketing, even if infamously underutilized. Allied health professionals can be found within gated online communities, as well as open ones like LinkedIn. Influencer marketing can bypass consumer ad blocking, but more crucially, it can lend credibility to messaging. Through any of these avenues, creative implementations can reach audiences not sufficiently found elsewhere, and speak to patients and caregivers on their own terms. Such efforts additionally raise the profile of a brand’s digital assets through the organic boost they’ll see in search engines and visibility on the wider web.

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