We are CPM

An independent
media agency
offering specialized
media strategy,
activation, & measurement

for healthcare brands.


The Metrics of Care

The same precise, empathic, dedicated approach required to anticipate and deliver on client needs also applies to the patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals that our clients serve.

We begin with understanding your audience segments from a human perspective, diligently tracking behavioral patterns, media interactions, and brand engagements to ensure we are meeting your objectives when, where and with whom your message will resonate the most.

Our focus on client service contributes to our and our clients’ success only because it is backed up with extensive category experience. We have helped clients prime their audiences for launch, succeeded in lifting market share for established brands in competitive markets, and exceeded client goals for reach and retention of ultra-rare disease audiences. 

No matter the scenario, we can light the path to connect your brand to the most relevant and ready-to-activate audiences – facilitating optimal treatment and business outcomes.

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