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Second Time’s A Charm

Why pharma marketers should focus on increasing repeat website visits

The ratio of repeat visitors to total visitors to a pharma website is an often-overlooked leading indicator of both return on ad spend and high-value patient and HCP digital conversion rates. Here are three steps you can take to increase the number of repeat visitors to your site this year.

Know Your Baseline

First, evaluate your current ratio of new to returning visitors in Google Analytics. The Behavior section, under Audience, provides a wealth of insight on site visitors that can be split out between first time and repeat visitors – from sessions and page views to bounce rate to average time on site. This view also includes Goals, if set up on your site, along with which group is completing them more often.

All Web site Data

This behavioral data sheds light on the motives of repeat visitors and can reveal ways to improve site experience based on the pages and CTAs seen to correlate with these repeat sessions.

The Acquisition section tells you where repeat visitors are coming from. Both Source/Medium and Referrals feature comparisons of new and returning visitors so you can hone your strategy accordingly. For instance, if the bulk of repeat visitors are returning through Facebook, devote more time into producing relevant page content. If a channel that appears efficient by other measures of engagement yields mostly first-time visitors, it may be a top awareness/consideration channel. It may also be worth further exploration using multichannel attribution analysis to determine whether engagement via this channel leads to subsequent visits by way of another channel or is simply attracting less qualified traffic.



Optimize Your Website

While it may seem obvious, it bears stating that your website should be as user-friendly as possible which, in pharma, means first and foremost finding ways to develop approved content that mirrors what your audience is actually looking for as revealed by keyword research and segmentation analysis. It also means minimizing page loading time, limiting pop-ups and multi-question sign-up forms, and ensuring your site is responsive across mobile and desktop. Once these basic optimizations are implemented, look for opportunities to give your audience a reason to return. Content should be updated regularly and created to foresee and address your audiences’ unique needs and concerns. Inviting users to sign-up for a newsletter, follow your brand on social media, or receive notifications on new blog posts are all ways to encourage return visits.

Implement Relationship Building Reengagement Techniques

From time spent on a specific web page to social engagement to offline activity, it’s not an exaggeration to say pharma marketers have more ways to tactfully retarget repeat visitors than ever before. Relationship marketing principals should be applied when research suggests an awareness or education gap needs to be filled. Less demanding from a content creation perspective, programmatic advertising is an easy and effective way to reach repeat visitors in a highly contextual context using display advertising in non-endemic contexts. Increasingly, retargeting through Facebook Ads Manager has become a new go-to.

By creating a custom audience, Facebook allows you to serve ads to anyone meeting the below criteria:

FB Retargeting OptionsNote: only one retargeting option is allowed per campaign.

With a Facebook pixel installed, it’s simple to reach visitors based on time spent on site, visits to certain URLs, or visits based on a specific period of time. You may also exclude individuals based on this same criterion. In addition to generally achieving a lower Cost Per Click than remarketing on search engines, Facebook retargeting is a way to reach your audience where they already are as U.S. adults spend an average of 25.29 minutes per day on the platform. Finally, by setting up UTM codes across retargeting campaigns, you can cross-check campaign performance in Google Analytics to glean further insight to continually optimize your strategy for maximum results.

Increasing repeat web traffic is an important aspect of any marketing strategy and one particularly essential in the pharma and healthcare space. It’s also a practice that can deliver constant insight as the concerns of a fifth-time visitor are likely different than that of a second-time visitor. Measure and analyze as you go and keep in mind that the most effective tactics will evolve based on new learnings.

Source for Facebook Statistics: A Long List of Facebook Statistics That Matter to Social Marketers


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