Always Evolving

Search engine algorithms are a living reflection of web user intent and behavior, so a website optimized for search engine optimization (SEO) is, by definition, exemplary in terms of its relevance and intuitiveness to its intended audience.  As long as search engines continue morphing to reflect the ever-growing quantity and complexity of online content, SEO best practices will continue to change. So must health marketers evolve to keep pace and connect targeted patient and professional audiences with essential brand messaging. Healthcare marketers who give organic search their full attention are rewarded with top search rankings for their therapies and services. Their brands are better able to do more with less paid media and maintain strong baseline visibility throughout  the product lifecycle.

SEO as the Engine of Integrated Digital Effectiveness

Excellence in keyword research, site tagging, file naming and writing effective page names and meta descriptions are essential "costs of entry" for a competitive presence, but these activities can deliver breakthrough value when integrated with both paid search and a broader digital asset optimization effort, all tied to brand performance KPIs. All of CPM's SEO is developed in-house by our integrated search team as part of an airtight cross-channel strategy. Whether building a new site for an upcoming launch, updating an existing one or tapping the collective power of an enterprise digital ecosystem, SEO is the engine that powers omnichannel marketing effectiveness. 

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