SEO is always evolving

As you read this sentence, SEO is changing. Yet no matter how the nuts-and-bolts of implementation evolve, optimization strategy can connect targeted patient and professional audiences with essential brand messaging. Healthcare marketers who give organic search their full attention and support are rewarded with high online presence for their therapies. Their brands are additionally sheltered from increasing media costs and have strong visibility existing throughout the years of a product’s entire lifecycle.

Standard items like keyword mapping and mobile page rank are vital, though not without a rationale tying them directly to brand goals. All work, keyword ranking strategy and otherwise, is completed in-house at our agency with absolute transparency and concrete rationale at each juncture.  Whether building a new website or demanding more of an existing one, the ability to place brand goals at the center of SEO efforts ensures they are baked-in to the purpose and performance of digital assets.

Social Listening Produces Better Content

A solid organic search effort maps what information is required to address audience needs, and positions the brand to address them. Socially-informed SEO further maximizes relevance to users. Social Listening recognizes that patients and caregivers openly discuss brands and treatments among each other across social, mobile and otherwise. The insights extracted from these conversations are then leveraged for optimum SEO coverage that produces the exact content that best addresses the themes of actual social conversations. Of course this benefits a brand’s social media presence, but when content becomes more relevant to users’ informational needs, Social Listening is rewarded with recognition and visibility in organic search engine results.

To explore how audience conversations can magnify SEO impact for your brand, contact us.

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