Programmatic Powered by Omnichannel Health Insights

CPM's comprehensive programmatic offering is custom built for brand-safe, high-performance healthcare media campaigns. Uniquely designed for omnichannel effectiveness, our DSP (demand side platform) uses real-time search and social signals to identify the most productive web pages to target, based on predictive signals such as search rankings, semantic context and public user forum comments. This enables dynamic and highly targeted ad placement with virtually zero waste, and allows advertiser complete control to define page-level criteria required for ads to display.

Targeting Transparency and Brand Safety

Our technical operations group works closely with trusted data partners to provide extended, HIIPA-compliant health data access facilitating personalized experiences to specialized sets of HCPs, patients and caregivers across the web, leading social media platforms and mobile apps.

The magic of programmatic lies in its sweeping breadth, cost efficiency and nimble versatility - as such, our offering includes healthcare-specialty behavioral, contextual, cross-device profile and geo-targeting as well as brand target list matching, with full control and transparency over targeting criteria. 

To learn more about how programmatic media can be leveraged to support your brand, contact us.

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