SEM for Intercepting Healthcare Providers

Consumers turn to search engines all the time as part of their daily lives, and that is especially true when needing a quick answer. Seeing that their answer comes from brand-supplied content which, ultimately, prompts prescription-writing takes more than lists of the same old “HCP sounding” keywords. A higher-caliber SEM strategy is essential to effectively direct professional audiences from search results pages to the exact brand content that answers those queries, while yielding consumer traffic to campaigns appropriate for such audiences. The marketers we work with have confidence in the proper segmentation of audiences, which are better served as a result.

Building a Winning SEM Strategy

Superior SEM strategy recognizes search engines as the primary gateway for health information. As a patient moves through their journey, their informational needs progress as well.  A patient’s search queries become more clinical, informed, and specific as they learn more about their condition over time, offering insight into their individual journey. SEM messaging matching the phase of individual patients’ advancing informational needs is most relevant, and most effective at bringing them to brand content at the right time. This also creates the opportunity for digital content to organically meet user needs. These considerations run through our agency’s development and execution of superior Paid Search strategies that directly connect audiences with the content they are already searching for. On our watch, savvy healthcare brands see one of their most efficient and productive channels drive even greater results.

To see how Paid Search can work harder than the tired “learn more about brand X” ad copy, contact us.

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