SEM Stewardship for Healthcare Portfolios  

We are a leading specialty pharmaceutical/healthcare search engine marketing (SEM) agency and thought leader, developing and managing custom campaigns that educate, drive site traffic growth and engage qualified professional and patient audiences. Mapping HCP and patient search intent to desired brand performance KPIs, we target treatment, service, symptom and disease state keywords that are most relevant to the brand and “ownable” within the competitive set. Informed by Digital DNA insights, copy is customized at the keyword group level to resonate based on both the natural language used by the target audience and the desired high-value actions on the destination pages. We employ a proven investment strategy to maximize ROI using a scoring system that attributes high-value website actions to specific keyword/text ad combinations.

Effective and Compliant Paid Search Strategies

CPM's advanced SEM capabilities coupled with our dedicated pharmaceutical and healthcare industry practice bring critical understanding of FDA guidance on advertising and digital communications, and how to safely and effectively execute against them. We consult on search compliance and frequently publish best practices for campaigns that are both compliant and effective, animated by transparency and education as core objectives. We view paid search as part of a seamless user experience from user query to search engine results page to website landing page - our SEM practice thus includes landing page optimization and integrated media/web analytics services to drive pull-through to meaningful brand business KPIs.

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