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Optimizing Pharma Marketing Lead Capture


Two steps are better than one to maximize audience opt-ins

Is your patient or HCP opt-in experience optimized to generate high-value relationships with your target audience? Having been in the weeds of landing page and registration form development and associated ROI measurement across healthcare categories, below is my tried and tested recommendation for an approach that routinely outperforms.

Let’s review a few of the most effective ways pharma uses website acquisition to support marketing goals:

Four Common Conversion Objectives for Pharma Websites:

  1. Patient or caregiver registration into a drug adherence support program
  2. HCP engagement to raise awareness of a drug MOA, efficacy claim or other key differentiator
  3. Disease awareness content connecting visitors with “answers” top search relevant disease queries (“symptoms of X”, “diagnosing Y”, comorbidities of “Z”, etc).
  4. Communicating pending product updates such as product approvals or new indications

In most if not all cases, more than one of these objectives applies, and it is critical to consider this when thinking about the value of every visitor driven to the landing page, even those that do not complete the form. Often, when acquisitions are the goal, landing page design becomes myopic, sacrificing secondary objectives and creating missed opportunities in the form of high abandon rates.  For even the best conceived forms, over 90% of users who arrive via search or targeted media will not complete and submit, so it is important to use that opportunity to engage the larger pool of time-constrained prospects.  This is where a two-step conversion approach can make a world of difference.  Think of the “two-step” as a dance between partners, with Step 1 being about partner A (the consumer) and Step 2 being about partner B (the marketer).

How Two-Step Conversion Works for Pharma Lead Acquisition:

In a two-step conversion process, Step 1 is all about the consumer’s query.  The key here is for the marketer to deliver a landing page that offers something unique, compelling and directly relevant to the search query that requires providing one’s contact information in exchange.

The landing page for Step 1 must be simple and focused, highlighting the value offered to the visitor. Make sure the opt-in data capture and submit button on the landing page are “above the fold.”  Because you are giving away something of value to the visitor, you shouldn’t need a very long copy block to maximize your Step 1 conversion rate.

Serving up the “payoff” in Step 1, directly fulfilling the user’s need makes Step 2, the marketer’s request, infinitely easier.  All that remains is to make the connection between the two.  Suppose your goal is registration for an adherence support program for your prescription drug.  Now that you have established a bond of trust as a helpful source of information, making your adherence program enrollment opportunity much more compelling.

The key is to step back from linear thinking and approach your goal from the perspective of your site visitors. If you have a great brand, then your greatest opportunity for conversion comes when you fully engage your audience first.

Wanting more digital pharma insight? Access my whitepaper for examples of current best practices, case studies and anecdotes illustrating real-world applications of all 8 principals for digital pharma marketing success:

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