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We create dynamic experiences optimized at each touch point along the treatment journey.

Our success helping healthcare brands grow stems from the insight that meaningful doctor/patient communications are a pivotal “point of convergence” between the HCP and patient information journeys.

Our relentless focus on these make-or-break interactions informs a unique approach to segmentation and communications that closely considers both sides of the point of care conversation.

We call it perspectives-based planning, starting with discovery that uncovers the unique “digital DNA” of our audiences. Understanding the challenges, beliefs, and media sources that influence treatment decisions informs a marketing game plan tailored to break through and inspire action.

Digital technology has essentially dissolved the boundaries between channel and content, placing the onus on media experts to create content that resonates for audiences throughout the media mix. They need to know your brand, your market, and your customers.

At CPM we create dynamic experiences optimized for each touch point along the treatment journey. We seamlessly partner with brand teams and their clinical, regulatory, and communications experts to ensure effective and compliant omnichannel activation.

Bringing top talent to your everyday business ensures your content is strategically on-point and tactically just right for the channels we choose. From SEM ad extensions to social media infographics, programmatic interactivity to landing page experiences, CPM is the brains behind the campaign.

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