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Flourishing at the convergence of medicine, comms, and tech, we ensure impact and compliance for brands big and small.

Marketers accountable for growth and return on ad spend appreciate that integrated, strategic media planning and execution is the lynchpin for campaign success. Effective media targeting is inextricably tied to brand strategy, audience needs and creative focus, and a well-crafted omnichannel plan achieves harmony across all of these dimensions.

But that doesn’t mean you need an army of experts to launch a precisely targeted, masterfully executed, and efficiently optimized media plan. Here at CPM we put top industry talent on your everyday business to bring your brand the power of state-of-the-art, data-driven targeting with the focus of a niche health category specialist.

Dedicated to healthcare since inception, CPM can take your direct to consumer and healthcare professional marketing campaigns to peak performance. Flourishing at the convergence of medicine, communications, and technology, we ensure both safety and success for healthcare brands big and small.

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