Growth Marketing

Our proven “Inside-Out CRM” methodology delivers personalization at scale.

Rapid growth in the earliest stages of a brand’s lifecycle requires an artful balance between reaching specialized audiences, nurturing qualified prospects and retaining quality customers with dynamic communications and compelling brand experiences. This demands an integrated and strategic approach to planning and mastery of the tools of downstream activation and engagement. Rapid developments in data and communications technology have enabled growth marketing to evolve from an aspirational idea to a prerequisite for competitive advantage.

CPM was doing growth marketing before growth marketing was cool, at the helm of acquisition, analytics and ROI modeling for dozens of top performing patient relationship marketing programs. Our proven “Inside-Out CRM” methodology achieves personalization at scale and gives our clients a lopsided advantage, tapping into precision targeting and dynamic profiling capabilities of digital technology to push direct marketing principles upstream to programmatic outreach across the web.

Are your media priorities upstream or down? Are you going broad or deep? Is your media campaign going beyond awareness and retaining your consumers for meaningful, long-term relationships with your brand? CPM will boost your marketing ROI with full-stack audience activation services – a top-to-bottom integration of media services with lead nurturing, marketing automation, landing page optimization, email marketing, CRM, content marketing and more.

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