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Our integrated approach ensures synergy and maximizes results in your omnichannel media mix.

Digital marketing is awash in data, but too often, media metrics, web analytics and customer database are hopelessly siloed. Making sense of and using data-informed insights to best benefit your brand is the rub. Key to your success – and ours – is the CPM approach to analytics. We bring our technical expertise to bear to provide meaningful, transparent insight to marketers, operating at the convergence point of human perspectives and data science.

Conventional analytics isolate measurable digital behaviors and construct media plans that are isolated from core brand strategy and refer only to themselves. Success is measured in generic terms based on ad impressions, clicks and taps, rather than on meaningful business traction, accountable attribution and sustained retention driving brand growth.

Your consumers are real people, making real decisions in real time. CPM therefore focuses analytics framework and reporting insights on high-value user actions – mapped to your most compelling digital assets – that best illuminate ROI based on meaningful business outcomes.

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