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Made You Look! Three Smart Plays to Boosting Video

The powerful benefits of video are only getting more powerful, including heightened engagement, better search engine rankings, and increased conversions. Maximizing video views among your target audience, however, can be less clear, especially for pharma. Let’s take a look…

Play 1: Optimize your content for mobile and channel
1. Mobile accounts form more than half of all online video views, so optimizing video content for mobile is a necessity. Does you video play from within your ad placement or website? Does it automatically stream in a social post? What’s the user experience like, and does it make sense for mobile?

2. Equally important is optimizing by channel. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have different requirements for video length, resolution, aspect ratio and caption length. Whether your video series was produced in-house or by a creative agency, ensure you have versions custom to your brand’s core channels along with those of your target audience.

3. Be mindful of regulatory constraints. Ensuring fair balance can be challenging for branded content, so ensure medical, legal, and regulatory teams review the video and voice over. Remember that unbranded content isn’t off the hook, either – any content associated with your brand is vulnerable to reputation and adverse event reporting.

Play 2: Sweat the Details

1. Even after content has been finalized and approved, there is still a fair amount of creative that can continue to be optimized based on your channel, objectives, and audience.

2. Crafting thoughtful metadata, like your video’s title and description, is critical to your video’s searchability. Your Meta Title and Meta Description should both contain relevant keywords and if given the option to categorize your content, as is the case on Youtube and Facebook, be strategic and consider what your audience would search for.

3. Metadata varies by channel, so create new content based on its channels’ given guidelines.

4. Viewers consume a lot of video content. Facebook alone generates 8 billion video views on average per day while Youtube reports one billion hours are watched daily. In addition to thoughtful metadata, most platforms favor native content. Rather than a share a Youtube link on your brand’s Facebook page, for instance, take the time to upload the video to each individual channel.

5. Lastly, remember the video’s accompanying copy and thumbnail image are responsible for first impressions. Test different themes and visuals to determine what resonates most with your audience.

Play 3: Shoot it and They Won’t Come: Promote, Promote, Promote!

1. A thoughtful strategy behind organic and paid promotion is essential to maximizing views.

2. If promoting on Facebook, leverage the split test feature to gain valuable insight in advance of a full campaign. This feature enables a specific variable to be tested – ad delivery, creative, placements and audience – by dividing your audience into random, non-overlapping groups. By creating the test based on a single variable, it’s easy to understand the performance of each ad set.

3. Also keep in mind Facebook allows cost-per-result to be based on video views, which tends to be highly cost-effective. When one client premiered a new brand video, we achieved a $.05 CPR by setting 10 second video views as our optimization goal.

4. In addition to posting the video across relevant social channels, you can increase views and even gain some monetary benefits by considering other platforms (ones similar to Newsflare), where you can get your video licenced securely. Moreover, one study showed using video on landing pages can increase conversions by 80 % while embedding a video in an email has been shown to increase click-through-rates by 65%.

Conclusion: Producing high-quality videos to engage your target audience is a time-intensive and expensive process, but with thoughtful optimizations, set-up and promotion, pharma marketers can ensure video views are maximized.

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