URL Management Just Got Easier

A few weeks ago, Google announced a new feature called “Updated URLs” that they will begin rolling out to advertisers at the beginning of Q3.

It will allow advertisers to update keyword destination URLs without losing historical data or risk “going dark” due to re-review. Current URL structures require the entire URL to be updated each time tracking is adjusted, while the new format will allow users to update the landing page portion of the URL and the tracking portion of the URL separately.


This new feature is very handy for account restructures and optimizing by moving keywords between campaigns and ad groups based on performance. In the past, making these changes would require changes to the entire URL (destination and tracking parameters) and ad stats would re-set. With updated URLs, you will be able to move terms around freely and will only have to update the tracking parameters.

With this new feature rolling out in a few months, one can only hope Bing will follow suit and that third-party biding tools (Marin, Kenshoo, etc.) will have enough time to update their systems to provide a seamless transition.

The change is expected to begin on July 1, 2015

Brett Landry