The Surprising Durability of Email in the Digital Performance Mix

We continue to be surprised to see marketers neglecting opportunities to measure ROI across digital channels. An article in eMarketer last month cites a recent study finding that 33% of US marketing professionals still do not know which marketing channels have the greatest impact on revenues.  The study also finds that B2B marketers consider email to be the top channel for generating measurable ROI, while B2C marketers hold email second only paid search.  While it’s easy to dismiss this as outmoded thinking given the explosion of audience touchpoints via social news feeds and mobile platforms, the truth is that email marketing is not going away as a reliable ROI contributor.

Easily measured, email can still deliver top tier results as open-rates, clicks, and post-click engagement hold their own, especially against specialized, knowledgeable audiences. Email’s unique benefits include:

  • Ability to message exclusively to users who have expressed intent by opting in to receive specialized information
  • Long-form creative format perfectly suited for conversion ready targets and in-depth dialogue over time
  • Medium is flexible to also deliver effective short-form “alerts” and reminders when new/updated content is available
  • Rich tracking of the user’s journey via the combination of content-embedded links, images and post-click analysis
  • As with paid search, data gathered from the highly engaged users’ experience brings content and messaging insights that are applicable across all marketing channels

At Convergence Point Media, email marketing has been a successful core channel for pharmaceutical consumer and health care professional brands, finding its place in the inbound toolkit alongside search, contextual and other intent based channels. Another surprising fact – not only is email still viewed most favorably by ROI-seeking marketers, but it is also the preferred channel among consumers in every age bracket for receiving brand messaging:

(Source: The Reality of Multichannel Marketing, Jan 2015 Econsultancy report)

Brett Landry