Keys to Successful Digital Media Acquisition Pt. 1

An acquisition media campaign needs to fire on all cylinders to achieve its true goal.  Lest we forget, lead generation does not exist just to create leads, but to drive qualified conversions.

As it turns out, there are 5 cylinders in the best-practice lead-gen engine that transforms great ideas into award-winning programs by disrupting old perceptions and spawning new behaviors.

For this post, we start with the top of the acquisition funnel.

Lead Gen Best Practice #1:    Find your “Goldilocks” audience

  • There’s a fine line between going too broad and too narrow.  Casting a “wide net” is the easy path to high volume and low CPA (cost per acquisition).  But if your offer is only relevant to 5% of your leads, the cost to acquire the 95% could deal a decisive blow to your ROI.


  • A common reaction is to overcompensate for this potential waste by getting too fine with targeting.  Often, budget-wary marketers define their audience as just that 5% – people who not only fit the target customer profile but also can be proven in advance to be highly likely to act immediately.  This is a wonderful concept in theory, but its over-application is the #1 reason some RM programs underperform their ROI goals.


  • Finding the Goldilocks audience – the target that’s “just right” for your value proposition – requires a measure of confidence in your brand, your message and your website.  Successful marketing involves “convincing” some portion of your potential audience to use your product or service. When you achieve this, the result is that your customer profile has expanded in the process.


  • For specialized audiences, finding the sweet spot is easier said than done, but that’s why agencies like Convergence Point Media and others of our ilk exist.  Testing the right search keywords, ad copy, media placements, creative, qualifying questions and landing page design all help build a solid roadmap to maximizing ROI and rolling out your program with confidence and enthusiasm.

Coming Next… Lead Gen Best Practice #2: Best Practice Landing Page Conversion – Less is More

Brett Landry