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From wearables to telehealth, device marketing has entered a new era, where physician and patient benefits supersede technical specifications, and two-way direct to patient communication is at long last taken seriously. Manufacturers understand these new dynamics and focus on improving the end user experience. Any new device that hits the market, especially medical, needs to show that it is effective and worth it for medical professionals, patients, etc. to use. For example, if a new medical center pops up, they want to make sure the equipment they have is the tried and true versions as well as new devices that can make medical practices efficient. Going onto websites such as can show devices, such as portable ultrasounds, that they are needed in medical areas.

Device marketers are now eager to tap into the power of digital marketing, ideally suited to precisely targeting and personally engaging decision makers throughout the health system. And as devices increase in sophistication, so too must the campaigns that differentiate them.

That’s why CPM has become the go-to media expert for medical device companies seeking to supplement their sales force and traditional marketing efforts with advanced digital fire power. Cutting edge tech positions your brand—partner with CPM to supercharge your effectiveness, informing and empowering audiences with the many benefits.

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