Diagnostics Marketing

Creating champions in the revolutionized diagnostics market.

From immunotherapy to next generation sequencing (NGS) to blockchain, advances in scientific, device and digital technologies have revolutionized the clinical diagnostics market. Innovative assays, integration with EHR systems, and remote monitoring have made diagnostics increasingly accurate, predictive and relevant for today’s therapies.

As new dimensions such as companion diagnostics, continuous monitoring and mobile apps take root, marketing has become increasingly challenging. Yet with the right tools and strategies, new digital opportunities abound. CPM is an agency partner that not only understands your product’s market opportunity from the standpoint of your target audience, but also how it fits within the shifting competitive dynamics and the underlying treatment continuum.

Whether your diagnostic tool is prescribed through a specialty physician or is sold direct to patients, we understand the diagnostic landscape and the countless complexities of institutional purchasing, specialist referrals, telehealth tech, and biometric regulations.

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