Consumer Health Marketing

Media has become the message of wellness – tone up your media mix for maximum impact.

The evolution from passive patient populations to ever more engaged and informed health consumers is a boon to marketers. Transformational trends from wellness to wearables, personalized treatments to health apps, create new opportunities to empower audiences with contextually relevant information.

Couple that with revolutions in data-driven insights and digital targeting, and you have all of the ingredients for sparks to fly between consumer health brands and their unique audiences. Consumers now expect the same level of personalization, responsiveness, and immediacy from healthcare brands as they do other on-demand digital services. And thanks to digital, the media has become the message of wellness.

Savvy marketers partner with CPM to bring consumer health brands into the forefront of dynamically targeted conversations. From search to endemic ads, social media to micro-experiences delivering personalization at scale, we model and mold your media mix for maximum impact.

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