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We believe an intelligent KPI framework supported with expert application of data management and integrated marketing analytics is essential to a winning performance-driven campaign. CPM’s end-to-end data services ensure completeness, accuracy, transparency and timeliness of data delivery, ensuring that web analytics, paid search bid management, display ad serving, programmatic and CRM platforms are seamlessly integrated and automated. A summary of our core data, reporting and analytics services follows: 

  • Integrated Omnichannel Media and Attribution Reporting.

  • Web Analytics Management - on all major platforms.

  •  Custom Marketing and Analytics Dashboards.

  •  Data Automation, Integration and Warehousing.

  • Data application development.

  • Marketing Science Sources of Business Data Integration.

Effective digital planning requires that key brand economic assumptions such wholesale acquisition cost, physician honor rates, average dose prescribed, adherence rates and duration of therapy are accurately built into KPI goals and marginal cost thresholds. Leveraging surveys, Rx change tracking and controlled testing, CPM offers robust campaign and program ROI modeling and measurement, working in collaboration with clients and/or third party partners to track return on Rx lift, coupon redemption, doctor discussions and other high-value actions taken.




HCP ID is a rigorous data-driven approach to targeting and customizing communications to physicians based on relevant profile elements, including prescribing profile, area of clinical specialty or called-on status as reflected on a client’s target physician list.

Both programmatically and across all professional/non-personal channels, we work closely with clients’ business insights/sales analytics teams to segment target HCPs, and build out holistic reach/frequency models based on aggregate match rates across publisher partners.




CPM's exclusive eHealthStore platform transforms how OTC and CPG health marketers bridge the "last mile" gap, seamlessly leveraging geo-targeted mobile media and dynamic web experiences with the most powerful, tried-and-true shopper marketing tools.

Benefits to marketers and agencies include:

  • Reduces wasted impressions and page views on out of stock locations

  • Dominates digital visibility where you dominate the shelf

  • Delivers intelligent, propensity-based health consumer targeting

  • Boosts digital marketing conversion rates and ROI

  • Identify, capture and activate new shoppers

  • Drive trial and measurably grow the pool of loyal users

  • Maximize basket size/volume with existing users and newly acquired users

  • Improve coupon access, awareness and uptake

  • Maximize per-store sales velocities across key accounts in a way not possible via a blanket FSI approach

  • Custom battlefiled maps and competitive category performance dashboards provides global merchandising strategy insights