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5 Tips on Unbranded Facebook Pages for Pharma Marketers

Drive patient engagement with these patient-focused best practices

Unbranded Facebook pages are nothing new to pharma marketers yet their level of success varies widely between pharma brands. An effective unbranded Facebook page delivers targeted education to a highly engaged audience while benefiting from greater regulatory freedom than branded content. Is your page driving meaningful patient engagement?

The most effective pages are about people, not treatments – they place patients, caregivers and HCPs at the heart of content while educating and empathizing with the patient experience. When done right, this heightened awareness leads to important behavioral change, driving patients to prescribers, improving their adherence to treatment and motivating them to join awareness programs.

Developing and enhancing unbranded Facebook pages can be an essential piece of your marketing road map.  Here’s what you can learn from the best:

Tip #1: Make it about the people.

Pfizer and the American Lung Association use the “Quitter’s Circle” to reach a growing community of those who want to quit smoking. The page includes informative articles from the website and encouraging words to keep the community motivated.

Tip #2: Demonstrate first-hand knowledge about the condition and educate your community.

Novartis’ “Living Like you” provides patients, caregivers and HCPs with information about MS. By sharing articles about the latest research, Novartis projects expertise about the condition and becomes a primary information access point for the community. Secondary benefits include heightened enterprise credibility and awareness.


Tip #3:  Share empathetic social content.

Sharing content that shows empathy with patients, like Novartis’ below video for MS patients, boosts page engagement. Patients feel heard and understood, and are more likely to comment about their experiences living with the condition.

Life with MS

Tip #4:  Add to, but don’t disrupt, conversations among members.

AstraZeneca created “Save Your Breath” for patients suffering from COPD. Adding to conversations among members, showing empathy with patients and answering their questions about COPD helped “Save your Breath” grow into a safe place for patients to connect.

Save Your Breath

#5: Take advantage of Page Insights.

Page Insights offer a wealth of information  from content performance to audience profiles. The overview section offers a snapshot of page performance over the last seven days with respect to page likes, post reach and engagement. More granular data on likes, reach, visits, posts, video and people make it easy to glean nuanced insight on your page. Armed with this data, understanding what is – and isn’t – enhancing your community is a quick and intuitive process.

Don’t miss the opportunity to leverage Facebook to educate and engage your patient community. By offering content that is both informative and supportive, pharma marketers can reap meaningful outcomes.

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