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2020 in Review: A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats

While we’re all ready to flip the calendar on this stressful, surreal chapter in human history, rarely has a year been more significant or vital for pharma marketers than 2020. With patients and caregivers stuck at home, and physicians operating in a state of overwhelm, when executed wisely, digital bridged the gap and broke down obstacles to the point of care time and again. Read on for our best ready-to-apply insight for your own brands.

This insight may seem obvious now, but in the early days of the pandemic, very little was known about its long-term implications. So as a leading media strategy, planning, and management agency dedicated to the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, we tackled the uncertainty head on through a sweeping pharma survey with results published in PM360. “A rising tide lifts all boats,” as they say, and we wanted to share these valuable insights with our colleagues and clients throughout the industry. Patient communities deserved nothing less in such unprecedented times.

“A rising tide lifts all boats,” as they say, and we wanted to share these valuable insights with our colleagues and clients throughout the industry.

With the survey covering a rich span of topics, we wanted to further distill responses into actionable tactics and takeaways. So again, shared our insight with PM360, distilling five ways to immunize pharma brands against the covid-19 downturn. We sought to challenge our peers to move past the instinctive “wait and see” reaction and instead embrace innovative digital media tactics capable of exceeding expectations. Said another way, you can’t control the weather but how you captain the ship is up to you!

Later in the year, we continued to see opportunities to gain share of voice and heighten engagement among both patient and HCP audiences. With the severity of wave two in question, we shared strategies and tactics essential to our socially-distanced times yet again with our peers and colleagues.

As we ready for 2021, two key lessons have been learned. First off, the new marketing normal is here to stay—embracing the tactics we shared throughout the year will pay off now and well into our uncertain future. Lastly, never underestimate the power of industry collaboration.  The success of the new coronavirus vaccines demonstrated this on a grand scale and, in our own work, actively collaborating with our clients pays off each and every day.

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