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11 Exciting Ideas to Energize Your Social Channels

Fourth in a series on tips for paid and organic pharma campaigns to help you not only avoid problems but to foster engagement and drive follower growth among your brands. This post focuses on best practices shared by all the major social networks…

Part 4: 11 Exciting Ideas to Energize Your Social Channels

1. If you manage multiple social accounts, especially across different brands, is the most comprehensive tool on the market. Publish or schedule multi-channel paid and organic content, engage in social listening, discover audience insights, and measure performance – all in one clean and intuitive platform.

2. When debating between a static or video ad, choose the latter. Across all social-channels, video dominates engagement. On Facebook, 500 million people watch videos daily while Snapchat generates 10 billion daily views. The below video on Pfizer’s Facebook page achieved 246 views in just six hours.

3. 70% of millennial consumers are influenced by the recommendations of their peers in buying decisions. That’s why so many businesses seem to benefit from working with social media influencers. For pharma and healthcare, this translates to having a patient, HCP or well-respected advocate of your disease community share their firsthand experience with your treatment or therapeutic area on social – as Mayo Clinic often does on their Instagram channel:

4. How long should your videos be on social media? A recent deep-dive by Hubspot revealed:

Instagram: Videos averaging 26 seconds received the most comments
Facebook: 1 minute is the ideal length before someone may start scrolling down their News Feed.
Twitter: Their #VideoOftheDay averages 43 seconds

5. Use Canva easily create visuals that meet social specifications by channel – or upload an image and layer in additional visual elements, like a quote or border. Easil is another visual creation tool that includes templates for Instagram Stories. Did I mention both are free?

6. Crafting a monthly editorial calendar for social accounts can be a time-intensive process, but curating content around your audience’s needs and interests can provide helpful direction. Northwell Health often tweets candid content their community can relate to:

7. Gather key metrics by the channel on a monthly basis in Excel to begin comparing performance. Over time, it’s easier to notice trends and make optimizations based on past performance.

8. When a follow asks a question, posts a comment or otherwise engages with your content, acknowledge them! This is especially important in the event of a complaint or problem – which provides your brand or organization an opportunity to make things right.

Reputation management and concerns about adverse events never go away. So make sure you have the mechanisms and expertise in place to flag problematic posts, provide an appropriate response, and escalate the problem to your medical and regulatory experts whenever necessary.

9. Don’t forget to tag relevant accounts in your post to boost reach.

10. Use the Hemingway App to make your writing bold and clear, along with receiving a readability score.

11. While a cross-channel strategy is an important factor in the success of a campaign, if your target audience is primarily active on one channel, focus your core efforts there. According to the Pew Research Institute, 62% of internet users ages 65 and older use Facebook while online adults ages 18 – 29 use Instagram and constitute seven times the share among those 65+. Social media success is all about understanding where your target audience already engages, and connecting with them there.

Looking for more of my top social media tips? Check out our full series on the top best practices for Facebook, proven tactics for Twitter, and strategies to ignite Instagram engagement. What advice or pointers would you add to this list? I’d love to hear what I’ve missed!

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