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10 Quick Strategies to Drive Twitter Engagement

Third in our series of social best practices and tactics, read on for ten effective strategies for Twitter. 

Part 3: 10 Tantalizing Ideas for TwitterTwitter Logo

1. Host a live Q&A on Twitter  on a topic that matters to your community. Understanding your audience’s concerns will fuel more resonant future content and position your brand as one who listens and empathizes.

2. At any given second, 6,000 new Tweets enter the Twitterverse, and even if you’re following only a few hundred accounts, staying up to date on content is just about impossible. Using Twitter lists can help. By organizing followers in categories (competitors, friends/family, business leads, etc.) reading Tweets becomes much more efficient. Get started with the below steps:

Twitter_Create ListInstructions courtesy of

3. Whenever possible, include images in Tweets. According to Twitter, Tweets with photos received a 35% boost in Retweets, compared to just 16% with hashtags. Pfizer, for example, often shares information in visually engaging ways, like the below infographic:


4. Pinning a Tweet to your feed is an easy way to extend the shelf-life of a specific message. It will remain as the top Tweet on your profile page until you decide to replace it.

5. The best time to tweet ultimately depends on your unique audience, but an analysis of over 40,000 tweets from Hootsuite, found the top time to be 3 p.m. Monday to Friday.

6. We now have 280 characters to play around with on Twitter, but brevity still matters. Attention spans are short and people are busy; get to the point.

7. Remember that all content on Twitter is public (unless you release a “private” tweet)—so any content demanding fair balance should be avoided, and unbranded content focusing on disease state education, patient and caregiver stories, and other angles should drive your feed.

8. Post a community poll on Twitter asking your followers for the type of content they want to see, or to gauge your audience’s knowledge on a particular topic, like GSK did for World Meningitis Day.


9. When relevant to your brand, leverage trending hashtags – as identified in the ‘Trends For You’ section – to reach a wider audience.

10. Before your post a status update or send a Tweet, be sure you have an image to accompany the text. Our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text and help us remember the content. Unsplash and Pexels are my favorite sites to source free photography.

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